Pauline Dove Lamal
I titled a recent one person exhibit “What If?” This title was intended to suggest the thought process “What if I tried this new medium on that idea?”, or conversely,” what if I tried this new idea with this old medium?” The works shown on my web page are only a small sample of the many pieces I have produced that reflect that curiosity and willingness to play with this concept of mixing medium, method, and subject matter.
Ideas used in drawing carry over into prints, artists books, and even ceramics. There is a sense of fun and adventure as I explore the possibilities within each work.

People often ask how long it takes me to finish one of my silverpoint or pen and ink drawings because of their  meticulous details. The answer is “many hours over many days.”

A life-time of experiences and experimentation contribute to my unique, idiosyncratic style.
If you are interested in seeing the actual work, which I highly recommend over seeing only what is presented on a screen, contact me via this web page.